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About us!

Holy Space is about Design + People + Planet.

Holy Space is dedicated to sustainable production practices. We are passionated and care deeply about the design process, the production and the footprint we leave behind. We strongly believe in meaningful and timeless design, made to enhance our daily life and build to last in generation with a deep respect for our Planets resources. Our designs are everlasting. The environment should be everlasting, too.

Your space is holy and your home is a reflection for yourself, a portrait of your personality and lifestyle. We have curated beautiful, honest and well-executed products crafted by Swedish craftsmen for you and your space.

Everything we present is one of a kind! There is no mass production.  Our products are designed to last generations through time and trends. 

Holy Space is the brainchild of furniture designer Jangir Maddadi, who wanted to create a platform for well-executed design products, both for prototype phases, finished products, and limited edition products. These products are made by designers with a passion for their work and creation.


Join our movement.

Design + People + Planet